About Us

Marketing Navii is an online marketing agency based in Tennessee, that was created to be what the customer needs. We strive to navigate you though YOUR marketing journey. We are a support system first. Whatever your marketing needs are, we'll create a plan that will help you reach your goals, whether they're growing your social media presence, building a website, video production, or needing branding for a new company or product line. We'll make sure it gets done right—and on time! We believe that a business can't succeed without authentic people behind it. So when we work with you, we treat you like the individuals that you are.

How We Started

Marketing Navii is a company that started before we were 100% ready. We struggled with marketing and branding like all other companies in the beginning. I bet you are thinking "NO WAY! did I just read that correctly?" You read the truth. Have you ever heard the saying "A successful carpenter always has an unfinished home."? The saying goes for all professions. It is easy to do things for others, but navigating what we want and need for ourselves isn't always easy. 

Why are we sharing this? 

We share because we are not afraid to tell you that we are not perfect, in the hopes you let go of some of your PERFECT expectations, so you can limit your stress and enjoy your company's journey. Our internet marketing agency is ready to build something spectacular together.

Meet Our C.E.O.

Pam Barnes

C.E.O of Marketing Navii

I love what I do because I get to work with clients and help them express their thoughts, ambitions, and goals visually. It’s so much fun to see what ideas they have and then work together to bring those ideas to life. Sometimes it’s an emotional experience: you laugh together, you cry together and sometimes you just jump for joy!

It doesn’t matter where you are right now in your business—I’ve been there too. Before starting Marketing Navii, I was in the same place as many of our current clients: overwhelmed and unsure where to even begin(or how) marketing their business online. Now I know that it’s possible for anyone who’s willing to put in the work! We’ll help navigate you through every step of the way until you’re ready for launch day (and beyond).

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