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Here at Marketing Navii we know your business is unique and special, just like you. We also know there's no one way to reach your customers; it's all about finding what works for your brand and audience. That's why we offer a variety of content packages, so you can find the one that works best for you! Below is only a limited amount of our packages. If you would like to create a custom package, please complete the form on the contact page to schedule a call. You also need your branding done before considering these packages.

Examples of Content Marketing:
Newsletters, Podcasts, Social Media Posts, Blogs, and Video.

Content Growth Essentials

Eye Catching Posts

Staying Trendy

Follower Analysis

Bringing in Customers

Why is blogging so important?

We know that blogging is the quickest and easiest way to grow your website following. But we also know that if you don't have time or resources, it can feel like an impossible task. That's why we're here at Marketing Navii: to help you become a resource for people by using your blog to build trust in your brand. We'll do it for you, or we'll coach you through it.


Establishing an online presence

Blogging is a great way to establish an online presence. It’s a place where you can get your name out there, build credibility, and start to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. You can share tips, tricks, and advice with others—or talk about your challenges so that people can learn from your experiences.


Increasing website traffic

Blogging is a great way to grow your website’s reach. When you blog, you can link any website to yours. This is called backlinking, and it can help demonstrate the depth of the topic that you’re writing about and point readers to further resources that they can use to learn more about certain concepts. This makes you a resource for your customers and in turn, increases the relevance of your website—which in turn increases your website traffic!


Building relationships and trust

When you blog for your company, you’re building relationships and trust. You’re sharing your experience, and your story. And maybe it feels like no one wants to read all that stuff. Well, guess what? They do!

We all start with knowing nothing, and our years of knowledge is valuable. Let us help you tap into your authentic voice—the one that’s waiting inside of you to come out and make an impact on the world.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, we use email to promote a product or service and share information about your business with your target audience. Marketing through email is very cost-effective and extremely profitable, which makes it one of the best types of digital marketing out there.

If you’re looking to reach customers with engaging email content or looking to become a product that gets people excited about, contact us today!

"If you want to expand your reach, develop customer relationships, and establish yourself as an industry leader, you need to consistently create valuable and engaging content.."